About us

Warwickshire Observatory is the home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people. We provide a centre of excellence in research, data collection and analysis, supporting evidence-based policy-making across the public sector in Warwickshire.

The Observatory aims to provide information and intelligence that:

  • Informs the development and review of social, economic and environmental policies and plans across Warwickshire
  • Increases understanding of local needs and helps improve the quality of services provided to Warwickshire’s residents.
  • Improves the sharing of research, data and intelligence among partners and minimises duplication
  • Contributes to better quality of life for the people of Warwickshire

We undertake work for, and in partnership with, a wide range of customers across the County Council and other partner organisations.

The Observatory offers an extensive range of specialist research advice and services.

What we do

Quality of Life

The Observatory leads on monitoring quality of life in Warwickshire using a wide range of economic, social and environmental indicators to assess changes affecting the quality of life of Warwickshire’s residents. Our annual Quality of Life report is a readily accessible reference tool for how quality of life in Warwickshire is changing over time.

Crime and community safety

We carry out in-depth analysis of local crime and community safety data and trends, supporting the actions of partner organisations in helping reduce crime.

Health analysis

Our Public Health Intelligence Team provides detailed analysis and interpretation of local health trends, as well as leading the production of the Director of Public Health Annual Report.

Mapping and GIS

We manage and co-ordinate the council’s spatial data. We also provide internet and intranet mapping tools to analyse, display and map our data.

Needs analysis

Assist with the Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, evaluating the health and social care needs of service users and client groups both now and for the future.

Economy and labour market

Information and intelligence on the local economy in support of the Council’s and partner organisations’ economic development and inward investment activities.

Consultation and surveys

We co-ordinate the council’s consultation programme ensuring that we inform, consult and involve local residents and communities effectively and efficiently. We also provide advice and support for other organisations wanting to carry out consultation.

Census and demographic analysis

We lead on the analysis of the 2011 Census providing theme and area based interpretation of the results.

Analysis of other local information

Data and information on the population, economy and other aspects of Warwickshire is analysed and reported by the team.

Commissioning research

We are able to provide support and advice to organisations wishing to commission research.

The team

Geographic Data Administrator. Working as part of the GIS team, I am responsible for GIS data capture and quality, map production for a variety customers and departments, and also general GIS data and systems management. I have worked on high profile projects including High Speed Rail (HS2) and an authority electoral division review.
Warwickshire Community Partnership Analyst supporting the four Community Safety Partnerships by providing problem-solving analysis and using analytical techniques to identify trends and patterns in crime and disorder.
Research Officer - Leading on crime and community safety analysis and currently providing analytical support to the Priority Families Programme and the Quality of Life project.
Research Officer (part time) - lead officer for the Research Team on LIS, undertakes a variety of research and analysis work, leading on a project designed to harness general community intelligence.
Public Health Intelligence Analyst responsible for providing specialist advice on epidemiology, health intelligence, statistics and health data sets whilst actively disseminating the findings of a wide range of analysis.
Corporate GIS Manager - responsible for the management of spatial data and the Council's web map services.