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Child Health Profiles

Posted on 29th October 2014 by

The Public Health Intelligence Team has created Child Health Profiles following the release of the 2014 Child Health Profiles by Public Health England (PHE). The data is displayed at District/Borough and CCG level where possible. The profiles are based on five themes including: premature mortality, health protection, wider determinants of health, health improvement and prevention of ill […]

Exciting Job Opportunity – Intelligence Analyst

Posted on 23rd October 2014 by

The Business and Commissioning Intelligence Team currently have an opportunity for an Intelligence Analyst. The role will focus on providing accurate, timely, easily understandable business and commissioning information, covering the areas of social care, education and health and produce monitoring and management reports for a variety of audiences. Further details of the role can be found […]

Warwickshire Observatory Summer Newsletter!

Posted on 5th September 2014 by

We have just published our latest newsletter which provides an overview of some of the projects we are working on and links to further details where they are available.   As always, we welcome feedback so please let us know what you think.  If you would like more regular updates just enter your email address […]

Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan and Community Safety Agreement 2014 – 2017

Posted on 2nd July 2014 by

  The Observatory have contributed and helped to produce the new aligned Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan and Community Safety Agreement. It is believed it is the first of its kind in the country! The document shows how Warwickshire agencies will work together to tackle crime and improve community safety.   Find the full report […]

Conducting Research on the Care Leavers Project for Digital By Default

Posted on 27th June 2014 by

This week saw the start of the research element of the Care Leavers Project as part of the Digital by Default programme. This project is looking at how we currently provide support services to Care Leavers, and how we might use digital technologies to improve outcomes for Care Leavers. Over the next three weeks, members […]

Country of Birth – A focus on residents born in an EU Accession Country

Posted on 20th March 2014 by

This article focuses on data from the Census on the country that Warwickshire residents were born in. In particular, the number and proportion of residents that were born in an EU Accession country e.g. Poland, Romania, Lithuania. Of Warwickshire residents, 8,880 advise that they were born in an EU Accession country, which is 2% of […]

Proficiency in English

Posted on 18th March 2014 by

The 2011 Census asked residents if English was the main language spoken by the individual, and if not, what their main language was. The infographic presented here provides more details on what main languages are spoken in Warwickshire, where these residents live within the county, and how Warwickshire compares with elsewhere. The results show that […]

Census Profiler Update – Safer Neighbourhood Areas Added

Posted on 6th March 2014 by

Due to a number of requests from users, we have made some more adjustments to our excel-based 2011 Census small area profiling tool and added in the geography of Safer Neighbourhood Areas (as well as Children’s Centre areas a few months ago).  This tool allows you to generate your own 2011 Census profiles bringing together themes […]

Cyber Crime – An emerging issue nationally and locally…..

Posted on 12th February 2014 by

The Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership Analysts have just completed the Strategic Assessment process for the Community Safety Partnerships. One issue/risk that emerges from the assessments is Cyber Crime. This type of crime  is on the increase nationally; however it is largely under reported and it is difficult to determine how to record it. Currently offences are […]

Warwickshire Ranks 6th in the Top 10 Places to live in the UK in a new Quality of Life Index from USwitch

Posted on 18th November 2013 by

USwitch have released a new Quality of Life Index which has revealed that Warwickshire ranks 6th in the Top 10 best places to live in the UK. The study assessed 138 local areas for 24 different factors including salaries, disposable household income and the cost of essential goods, such as fuel, food and energy bills. Lifestyle factors […]

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