Articles by Stacey Mann

Warwickshire’s population continues to grow

Posted on 25th June 2015 by

According to the Mid-2014 population estimates, Warwickshire’s population now stands at an estimated 551,594 people , this represents a 0.52% increase from the previous year. Whilst this rate of growth remains slightly below that experienced nationally (0.77%), at County level the growth rate has increased from 0.14% for 2012 to 2013, to 0.52% for 2013 […]

World Hunger Day 28th May- What is the current outlook for Warwickshire?

Posted on 28th May 2015 by

The Hunger Project UK created World Hunger Day, this global event is held annually to celebrate sustainable solutions to ending extreme hunger and poverty. World Hunger Day focuses on genuine partnership. In light on this we have looked at events and services aimed at reducing hunger in Warwickshire. Warwickshire Financial Inclusion Partnership (WFIP) held a […]

National Smile Month- How healthy are Warwickshire children’s teeth?

Posted on 18th May 2015 by

National Smile Month which is organised by the British Dental Health Foundation is the UK’s largest and longest-running oral health campaign. The aim of the campaign is to improve the UK’s oral health. In light of National Smile Month we have looked at the oral health of  5-year-old children in Warwickshire. The dental health of […]

Dementia Awareness Week

Posted on 17th May 2015 by

Dementia Awareness Week is an annual event organised by the Alzheimer’s Society. The aim of the week is to raise awareness and further understanding of Dementia. The presentation below provides an overview of what Dementia is, the prevalence and projected prevalence of Dementia in Warwickshire and the services and support available locally to enable people […]

International Day of Families-10 facts exploring the current picture for families in Warwickshire

Posted on 15th May 2015 by

The International Day of Families, held annually on the 15th May, celebrates the importance of families (International Day of Families). In honour of this, we have collected 10 facts exploring the current picture for families in Warwickshire. 1) Warwickshire has a higher proportion of married residents (51.7%) compared to the West Midlands (47.6%) and England […]