Director of Public Health Annual Report 2015

13th July 2015

annual report

Dr John Linnane, Director of Public Health, has released his 2015 annual report entitled ‘Children and Young People: Investing in the Future’.  The report informs the Warwickshire population about the health of their communities, as well as providing necessary information to allow decisions makers in local health services and authorities to address health gaps and priorities.

This year’s report focuses on early years, education, mental health, healthy weight, risky behaviours and vulnerable groups. Target audiences include internal staff, councillors, external partners and schools.

The report outlines some key successes in relation to children and young people’s health and wellbeing in Warwickshire including:

  • the rate of teenage pregnancy has declined;
  • a reduction in the number of alcohol-specific hospital admissions for the under 18s; and
  • a slight reduction in the number of obese year 6 school children.

However, there are still areas for improvement:

  • 40% of our children do not achieve a good level of development by the end of reception;
  • 13.1% of pregnant women are still smoking at the time of delivery;
  • A&E attendances for 0-4 year olds are higher than the national average; and
  • rates of self-harm in young people aged 10-24 are rising.

Dr Linnane said: “The recommendations and desired outcomes outlined in the report are everybody’s business and require a concerted joint effort if they are to be achieved. Giving every child the best start in life is crucial to reducing health inequalities across the life course. The NHS, schools, councils, parents and wider families all need to be working together to give children the start they deserve.”


An electronic version of the full report is available online at:

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