Local ‘Health & Wellbeing Profiles’ published

23rd February 2015

The Public Health Intelligence Team has created a series of Community Forum Health & Wellbeing Profiles, available here. These incorporate data from a range of different sources, including the 2011 Census, Public Health England’s ‘Local Health’ tool and our Profile Example Screenshotown ‘Living in Warwickshire’ Survey.  The profiles provide access to more localised health and wellbeing information, with data being displayed for each of Warwickshire’s 30 community forum areas, and also provide a local complement to our annual ‘Quality of Life in Warwickshire’ report.

The profiles are based on six different themes including:

  • Population,
  • Ethnicity & Language,
  • Housing & Living Environment,
  • Lifestyle characteristics,
  • Disease, and
  • Important aspects of Local Areas.

The profiles illustrate considerable variation in the statistics across different areas, and  highlight health inequalities across Warwickshire.  Where possible, the data allows comparison against County and national figures.

Locally collected data on key health & wellbeing issues from the ‘Living in Warwickshire’ Survey will also feature  in our forthcoming annual ‘Quality of Life in Warwickshire’ report.


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The Community Forum Health & Wellbeing Profiles also complement Public Health England’s ‘Local Health’ Profiles, which can be found here.  Ward level profiles for Warwickshire which include a variety of health-specific data have been downloaded from the tool and can be accessed here.

A more generic 2011 Census-based local profiling tool has also been produced by the Observatory and can be found here.


For more information, please contact publichealthintelligence@warwickshire.gov.uk