Child Poverty Profile-April 2017 update

Posted on 2nd May 2017 by

The Child Poverty Act came into force in 2010 with the aim of eradicating Child Poverty by the end of 2020. In summer 2014 the Government revised its approach to tackling Child Poverty by seeking to focus on supporting families into work, increasing earnings, improving living standards and educational attainment. The underlying principle of the Strategy is […]

Warwickshire’s Quarterly Labour Market Bulletin released today….

Posted on 1st February 2017 by

The Economy and Skills Group at Warwickshire County Council have released the first Warwickshire Quarterly Labour Market report. The bulletin considers issues such as the latest employment and unemployment data, economic activity and inactivity rates and real-time demand in the labour market. It also contains a summary of the latest business news from Warwickshire and […]

Warwickshire Domestic Violence and Abuse Needs Assessment 2015-16 now published!

Posted on 12th October 2016 by

The Warwickshire needs assessment has presented an in-depth analysis of the national and local picture of domestic violence and abuse (DVA). It aims to inform the ongoing development of Warwickshire’s response to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and in particular the re-commissioning of the county’s specialist DVA support services. The document is focused primarily […]

A quick look at who responded to our Living in Warwickshire Survey…

Posted on 16th September 2016 by

            It has been widely acknowledged that there is a lack of robust intelligence on the lifestyle characteristics of our local population. The Living in Warwickshire survey was launched on 18th April 2016 to attempt to address this gap, highlighting how residents in the county live and identifying some of the needs and challenges they […]

Quality of Life in Warwickshire – Key Messages 2015/16

Posted on 24th August 2016 by

The Quality of Life Key Messages report is now available. The report, produced by the Warwickshire Observatory’s Research Team in the Performance Business Unit, provides a snapshot of how quality of life in Warwickshire compares with elsewhere and shows the trends over time in factors which contribute to the quality of life for Warwickshire residents. […]

Business Crime in Warwickshire

Posted on 26th July 2016 by

Business crime features as a priority for the new Warwickshire Police Crime Commissioner, has averaged just under 553 offences per month reported within the county and is acknowledged by Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership as a cross-cutting theme within their CSP priorities. But what exactly is business crime? The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), together with […]

Warwickshire’s population increases to 554,002 people

Posted on 23rd June 2016 by

The latest population estimates reveal that Warwickshire is home to an estimated 554,002 people, this is an increase of 2,408 people from the previous year. The rate of growth in Warwickshire is below that experienced nationally (0.80%), and at county level the growth rate has decreased from 0.52% for 2013 to 2014, to 0.44% for […]

How do you perceive crime in your local area?

Posted on 21st June 2016 by

Are you worried about being a victim of cybercrime? Do you feel safe walking around your local area? The infographic below provides a sneak peek at some of our results so far, from the ‘crime’ questions in the Living in Warwickshire survey.  If you haven’t yet responded to the survey, then please don’t miss this […]

Still chance to have your say…

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by

The Living in Warwickshire Survey was launched in April 2016 and is an opportunity for residents to share their experiences about living in Warwickshire. To date we’ve had responses from all corners of the county, with residents still completing the survey on a daily basis. So that we can get as many views about life […]

New Equality and Diversity Profiles for Warwickshire

Posted on 23rd May 2016 by

The Equalities and Diversity Team at WCC recently commissioned the Observatory to complete a series of  Equality and Diversity Profiles for Warwickshire. These cover the county as a whole as well as each of the five districts and boroughs. The profiles bring together, in one place, data covering the main equalities characteristics (Gender, Age, Ethnic […]