Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2014/15

24th March 2015

We have just launched our latest snapshot of the quality of life in Warwickshire, and how this is changing over time.

Our latest assessment takes an in-depth look at the economic, social, and environmental factors that are all influencing life in the county today.

The need for this type of material is more important than ever, and our latest report continues to provide local decision makers in the public, private, and voluntary sectors with that evidence base so that improving the lives of all of Warwickshire’s residents remains our collective priority.

To accompany the full report we have also published a Key Messages Report, summarising our take on the big trends emerging from this years analysis. We have also made more of the underlying data available through our interactive data views that can be accessed throughout the report, giving fuller and richer background and wider context to each of the chapters.

Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2014-15 Key Messages Report (PDF, 14.33 MB)


Qualityof Life in Warwickshire 2014-15 Full Report (PDF, 13.25 MB)



Quality of Life 2014/14 – Report to Full Council

Debate at Full County Council on 24th March 2015 – (For details see Item 4 – ‘Quality of Life’, plus the Minutes of the Meeting for an overview of the debate)


Quality of Life 2014/15 – In the local news

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