Stratford-on-Avon District results hit rock bottom!

23rd January 2015

JSAIn line with the national figures that have been widely reported this week the latest claimant count figures for the county are also positive.  Throughout Warwickshire the overall number of people claiming job seekers allowance fell by 106 giving a total number of 3,460 claimants.  At a more local level the biggest fall was seen in Rugby Borough with the number going down by 5.9%.  As the headline to this article indicates there is some particularly good news in Stratford-on-Avon District – this is for 18 to 24 year olds who have been claiming for over twelve months.  The figure officially recorded is 0 although the actual number could be anything up to 5 as data is rounded up/down to this number.  By contrast however the overall number of claimants in the District rose by 20.  The graph above shows the continued fall in overall numbers of claimants during 2014 but also shows how the downward trend is starting to level out.

The main reason why fewer people claimed JSA is that they have either found work or increased their working hours to more than sixteen a week with just over 51% of off flows being recorded as falling within this category.  However a relatively  large percentage (28%)  are recorded as having failed to claim; many of these will also have found employment. The claimant on flow data for December reflects the seasonality of available jobs as the majority (nearly 55%) of jobs taken were sales assistants and retail cashiers.  A further 17% positions taken were in elementary goods storage occupations; job titles for these occupations include order pickers, warehouse operators, warehouse supervisor, etc.