Understanding Warwickshire’s Population – now and into the future

31st July 2015

Warwickshire Health & Wellbeing Board members are attending a number of thematic workshops on key areas of focus for the Board over the coming months. The first of these was on 23rdJuly and considered the changing profile of Warwickshire’s population. It also explored how the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) informs and supports Board members in understanding the evidence base, and how they can make better use of it as part of their decision making.

As part of the workshop on Warwickshire’s changing population, I gave a presentation on ‘Warwickshire as a place’, to outline some of the key issues and trends linked to the changing population profile of the county. This looked at how past and current trends will have an influence on the county looking ahead over the next 25 years. These covered:

  • Population change by age and location
  • The different components of population change
  • Socio-economic profile of the county
  • Housing
  • Workforce
  • Deprivation
  • Health, and
  • Education.

The presentation is available here Warwickshire as a place; Understanding Warwicksire’s Population (PDF, 1.47 MB)

All of the presentations from the workshop are available on the Health & Wellbeing Board workshop page on the JSNA website.