Quality of Life in Warwickshire – Key Messages 2015/16

24th August 2016

Front CoverThe Quality of Life Key Messages report is now available. The report, produced by the Warwickshire Observatory’s Research Team in the Performance Business Unit, provides a snapshot of how quality of life in Warwickshire compares with elsewhere and shows the trends over time in factors which contribute to the quality of life for Warwickshire residents.

This year a slightly different report has been produced, with the team publishing a key messages report focusing on twelve key themes. Within each theme, relevant sub topics have been selected and discussed further.

The report takes an in-depth look at many of the factors influencing life in Warwickshire, in particular the social, economic and environmental factors. It aims to provide local decision makers from the public, private and voluntary sectors with an evidence base that can help improve the lives of all Warwickshire residents. Already this year the report has informed the preparatory work for the One Organisational Plan (OOP) 2020 which has seen the report form part of a wider evidence base to assist in the strategic planning process. The report has also helped to inform Devolution discussions and sits alongside a ‘Challenges’ paper which has been a useful reference document for senior managers.

The key messages include an insight into:

  • the increase in population and the drivers of this change.
  • housing affordability variations across the county and the level of deprivation across the county.
  • a decline in unemployment and an analysis of local claimant count trends.
  • the forecast for economic growth over the next ten years.
  • crime levels and fear of crime results.
  • educational attainment of children and a focus on the trends of apprenticeships and young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).
  • the health of Warwickshire adults and children.

We are aware that there are a number of events that have happened since the report was written, in particular national events that may have significant implications locally. We will be following these events with interest in terms of how this affects the landscape for Warwickshire and its residents. The Warwickshire Observatory and Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment websites both contain a wealth of information and analysis on Warwickshire and its people and will continue to be updated as analysis and information is produced.

The full document can be found on the link below…

QoL Key Messages Report 2015-16 (PDF, 7.13 MB)