Young Carers Awareness Day – 28th January

27th January 2016

Young Carers in Warwickshire

Organised by the charity the Carers Trust, Young Carers Awareness Day is about shining a light on the thousands of young people across the country who provide regular unpaid care to a relative. The person being cared for may be physically or mentally ill, disabled or have problems with the way they use drugs or alcohol. Young carers take on a variety of roles; they may have to cook or shop for the family, provide personal care, manage the family budget or collect prescriptions.

It is estimated that Warwickshire has around 3,589 young people (aged up to 24) who provide regular unpaid care – sometimes for over 50 hours per week. Further information about young carers in Warwickshire is available from the infographic to the right.

To find out more about the National Young Carers Awareness day click here

Warwickshire County Council has a range of  services for young carers, including the Young Carers Project, which aims to support young carers in the county.

For more information about the 2011 Census contact Warwickshire Observatory at