Young people and qualifications

18th December 2014

Acquiring some form of qualification, from GCSE to degree level, is seen as an important route to achieving better outcomes in life both economically and socially. Qualifications data from the 2011 Census makes it possible to identify areas in the county where there are higher proportions of people without formal qualifications.

In Warwickshire, some 13% of residents aged 16-64 report having no qualifications. This compares with 15% nationally. This figure varies around the county with the highest rates reported in Nuneaton and Bedworth while Warwick District reports the lowest proportion of residents aged 16- 64 having no qualifications.


However, levels of qualification vary considerably with age. There is a general trend, beyond the age of 25, for the proportion of those without qualifications to be higher with increasing age. Areas with a higher proportion of older people are more likely, therefore, to have higher levels of residents with no qualifications.


For this reason qualifications data from the 2011 Census is useful in highlighting those areas with higher levels of young people (aged 16-24) who have no formal qualifications. The following series of maps highlights areas of the county where rates of young people without qualifications are higher than the county average of 10%.

North Warwickshire Young People and Qualifications Map North Warks Borough Qualifications By Age (PDF, 86.3 KB)

Nuneaton and Bedworth Young People and Qualifications Map N&B Qualifications By Age (PDF, 93.75 KB)

Rugby Young People and Qualifications Map Rugby Borough Qualifications by Age (PDF, 103.38 KB)

Stratford-on-Avon Young People and Qualifications Map Stratford-on-Avon District Qualf by Age (PDF, 125.9 KB)

Warwick Young People and Qualifications Map Warwick District Qualifications by Age (PDF, 134.77 KB)

2011 Census data is available to download from the Nomis website, for further enquiries about 2011 Census data please contact the Observatory at